Interface Description:
  • Place Contract Order
Request URL:
Request Mode:
  • POST
Parameter Required Type Comment
apiKey Yes string Application apiKey
timeStamp Yes string Current timestamp
nonce Yes string Random 6-character string
sign Yes string Request signature
contractId Yes int Contract ID
price No float Price,if type is market,delivery of Price is not required.
amount Yes int Amount
leverage Yes float Leverage
direction Yes int Direction 1: long;-1: short
type Yes string Tpye limit: limited order; market: market price order, require lowercase string
isCross Yes int Cross Margin or not 1: Cross Margin,-1:Isolated Margin
How to sign for required parameter:

All parameter submitted by users except sign requires signature.

Firstly, sort signature strings in alphabetical order based on parameters (compare the first letter of all parameter, if they differ, then the string whose first letter comes earlier in the alphabet comes before the other string. If the first letters are the same, then the second letters are compared, and so on).

For example:Sign for the following parameter

apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127&contractId=101&price=1&amount=1&leverage=10&direction=1&type=limit&isCross=1 and add application secretKey (only needs value, parameter and ‘&” is not required.)

For example:


Signature string after splicing: apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127&contractId=101&price=1&amount=1&leverage=10&direction=1&type=limit&isCross=1aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

Note,"sign" is a required parameter.

Lastly,use md5 32bit algorithm to apply signature algorithm to the parameter, and then generate final signature string (the string assigns value to parameter ‘sign’).

Example of Return Result:
         "orderId":710370//Order ID
    "microtime":"0.41892000 1533035297",

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