Interface Description:
  • Submit batch limit orders
request URL:
request method:
  • POST
Parameter Required Type Description
apiKey true string ApiKey requested by the user
timeStamp true string current timestamp
nonce true string random 6-character string
sign true string signature of the requested parameter
tradeData true string request json string,maximum 30 groups of data
tradeData request data format example:

the transaction password submitted tradepwd is md5 data after encryption

strict notice tradeData json string contained data,30 groups of data need to follow trading rules,strictly noticed to write the name of the data parameter within the string json properly

type 1 buy 2 sell

number、price parameter value cannot be smaller than 0

How to sign for required parameter:

All parameters submitted by users except sign require signature.

First, sort signature strings in alphabetical order based on parameters (compare the first letter of all parameter, if they differ, then the string whose first letter comes earlier in the alphabet comes before the other string. If the first letters are the same, then the second letters are compared, and so on).

For example:Sign for the following parameter

apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127&tradeData=5B7B22coins223A22btc_usdt222C22number22A102C22price223A39422C22tradepwd223A221847d944c2ae00f555fd5eeeabaf0f3d222C22type223A27D2C7B22and then add the requested secretKey(only needs value, parameter and ‘&” is not required.)



Signature string after splicing: apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127&radeData=5B7B22coins223A22btc_usdt222C22number22A102C22price223A39422C22tradepwd223A221847d944c2ae00f555fd5eeeabaf0f3d222C22type223A27D2C7B22aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

Note,"sign" is a required parameter

Last,use md5 32bit algorithm to apply signature algorithm to the parameter, and then generate final signature string (the string assigns value to parameter ‘sign’)).

Example of Return Result:
        "status": 200,  //Status code Success
        "msg": "",      //Message
        "data": [
                "id": 1854694831,         //order id
                "uId": 1483815,           //UID 
                "price": "0.0000000600",  //price
                "number": "2000.0000",    //number
                "numberOver": "2000.0000", //unfilled amount
                "flag": "buy",             //type
                "status": 0,               //0 not filled 1 partial filled 2 all filled
                "coinFrom": "uc",          //The currency to be exchanged
                "coinTo": "btc",           //Target exchange
                "numberDeal": 0          //filled amount
                "id": 1854694836,
                "uId": 1483815,
                "price": "1.0000000000",
                "number": "1000.0000",
                "numberOver": "1000.0000",
                "flag": "sale",
                "status": 0,
                "coinFrom": "uc",
                "coinTo": "btc",
                "numberDeal": 0
        "time": 1553745062,  //Second timestamp
        "microtime": "0.05590700 1553745062",  //Millisecond timestamp
        "source": "api"  //Source

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